A high performance factory is fun!


You will recognize a high performance factory


FokussierungBy its clear cut focus.

Ask yourself: Is the mission of the factory clearly defined? Is it clearly defined, what the duties of the factory are? Which technologies are to be deployed? Is the role within the supply chain clear? Does the “footprint” of your production system match the market requirements?

DurchsatzBy its throughput.

Is the rate at which the factory turns raw material into saleable products fast enough? How about working capital productivity? Everything o.k? If yes, lean back. Your factory is not the bottleneck of the supply chain. Your factory does not cumulate inventories of all kind. If not, well…?

AnlageneffizienzBy its utilization rate.

Do you use the installed base up to more than 80%? Or are downtimes an issue? Or do instable processes eat up your capacity? What does your “OEE” tell?

PersonaleffizienzBy its workforce productivity.

Everybody knows what his or her job is. And does it. That is efficient. Does your organizational structure provide for that? Do the means to act meet each entities accountability? Are the employees qualified accordingly? Can everybody tell waste from value added activity?

Value creation is what the customer pays for

with this mindset we will put your factory on the road to success.

YOU need answerS TO 4 QUESTIONS:

Strategische PositionIn which division do you want to play?

Our Manufacturing Strategy Review will provide insight to the strategic position of your factory (ies). What is the right level of vertical integration? How is the supply chain set up as a whole?

SystematikWhich is the game plan?

Together we will work out an effective production system for your operations. Which approach to scheduling and control will yield the highest throughput? Which organizational principle leads to top level efficiency? Will segmentation be of help? Will new technologies add value? What about IT?

WertschöpfungWho scores?

Make your employees the team that scores? We will get your team in shape. By “how to”- instructions of methodologies, by organizational design, by practical demonstration. We cascade strategic goals down to the operational level, we train Lean Management, we make change happen.

AdministrationWhich staff is needed?

How much „entourage“ do you really need? Who and what helps the team to thrive, and what action is pure waste? We question efficiency of the overhead functions, we make Lean Administration happen.

Talk is cheap – but who takes action?



Strategic decisions need a solid foundation. Take advantage of our analytical skills to assess the situation. Benefit from our experience to refocus your strategy. CIM Aachen assigns analysts with the ability to pinpoint the essentials.

Konzeption Concept.

Your goal is set. But how to get there? With the help of it’s deep routed know-how combined with the view for what is feasible CIM Aachen will work out an effective concept for you. With our own BI (Business Intelligence) tools we are well equipped to evaluate different scenarios and to get the employees on board.

Veränderung Change.

You already know where you stand and where you want to go? Then let’s get going. Because if you want change, you need men of action. We show up at the shop floor. We diffuse the organizational layers. We are on site. We take charge.


We say what we think. We do as we say. We stand tall for what we do. If required, we get into the driver’s seat. You get tangible results.

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