Shop Economy in Managing Stock

CIM Aachen GmbH

Cutting tools are estimated to account for 3-5% of total manufacturing costs, though activity-based costing has shown that the costs involved in sourcing and replenishing tools can exceed the value of the tools themselves. Also, the value of an excess of cutting tools tied up in a manufacturing line can amount to a lot of money. Shop-floor tool management can solve these economic problems. The software-based CIMSource Tool Manager system from CIM GmbH is one available solution.

Effective tool management processes will reduce the tool variety in the shop to the minimum necessary, optimize purchasing by batching items ordered, verify the viability of single-sourcing, provide an accurate overview of tools in stock (and their condition), and ensure the availability of tools at the machine when needed. CIMSource Tool Manager does this for small and medium-sized companies as well as larger ones, giving the user on the shop floor all the Information about cutting tools they might request. The system features a product range encompassing more than 20 manufacturers, a material database of more than 750 materials, and Information about available spare parts and accessories, as well as supplier data and list prices. It supports tool searching by geometric characteristics, and it provides DXF graphics and tool configurations.

erschienen in European Tool & Mould Making, September 2007