Lean Administration

More efficiency on the carpet floors

We summarized 30 years of management experience in optimizing administrative business processes in our book
„Lean Administration – more efficiency on the carpet floors“.

Buch Lean Administration


The new edition
will be released
in the second
quarter 2018.





Jens Jusaitis, Manager Supply Chain, Heitkamp & Thumann KG: „A standard work that shows in theory and practice, how simple methods can measure, visualize and improve the performance of administrative processes.”

Klaus Rodehüser, Prokurist and Head of order fulfilment, Schulte-Henke GmbH: „We got valuable proposals for our process improvements by the systematic approach and the high number of practical examples in the book. A good guideline that also considers the view of the involved staff. I would be happy about a continuation book.

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